Shrink Label (PET / PVC / OPS)

Dong-Yi provides high quality of shrink label for application in different materials and commodities, such as logo, sauce bottle, battery, beverage bottle, toy, carton box, stationery. The material of shrink label includes PVC, PET, OPS, and so on.

We also provide customized shrink label according to customers’ drawing and request.

Heat & Thermal Transfer Printing Label

Heat transfer is a label technology that use heat and pressure in heat transfer label. The heat transfer label can be transferred onto products with improved appearance and value.



DONG-YI speicalizes in manufacturing shrink label whole plant equipment, includes shrink label making machine, shrink label rewinding machine, shrink label inspecting machine, slitter rweinding machine, center-sealing & gusset machine, photogravure printing presses, and more.



Enlightened the company from to start an undertaking richly until now already a session of more than 30 years, from the beginning namely grasps take the guest as reveres, We do our products under the strict quality control and the punctual delivery requirements, the products are comparable to the other suppliers. Customers' satisfaction were the ultimate purpose of our business target.

Because our unceasing strive for,we have developed the environmental protection material such as PET,OPS shrinkable printing material. It is successfull for making the label as the package of drinking bottle,stationary matter and cosmetic container.

Now we hold the customers who are the leaders of drinking beveage in Taiwan,but we are not proud of our achievement.We are going to enlarge our world wide market.So any of your inquiry about the shrink label printing and for heat transfer label are welcomed.

Company's Key Activities:
1.Printing of contracting films, transfer films and environmental labels.
2.Printing and marketing of all kinds of shrink film.
3.Export and sale of turnkey printing machinery.
4.OEM printing and packing.
5.Buy and sale of packing materials.
6.PET、PVC、OPS shrink film output and sale.
7.Shrink Label's Whole Plant Equipment.

Shrink Label Machine

Dong-yi specializes in manufacturing shrink label machine, auto shrink sleeve machine, shrink label rewinding machine, heat shrink label machine, center-sealing & gusset machine, and many more. Dong-yi offer high quality equipment and best service to meet client's needs. Welcome to inquiry us.

Automation Inspection

Dong-yi has the latest quality inspection equipment to check every pieces of the label. It can reduces the cost and also improve the product’s quality. The inspection equipment is born in the idea to combine the latest video technique with camera to scan the labels during the printing process to minimize the defects and the wasting of the material.

Label Color Printing Measure

How to control the printing color? Dong-yi corporation uses Swiss high-tech precision spectrometer detection system and printing color control system to transform color into digital information. In the process of printing, those two system can monitor and fix printing error. It can avoid the influence of environment, light, weather or other situations(especially human factors).