Heat & Thermal Transfer Printing Label

Heat transfer is a label technology that use heat and pressure in heat transfer label. The heat transfer label can be transferred onto products with improved appearance and value.

  • HTPF 1

    Heat Transfer Printing Has A Wide Range Of Use

    The heat transfer printing is suitable for plastic cup, drum, toy, stationary including pencil, rule and etc, it also could be transfer printed on relative plastic product and material, such as Acrylic, ABS, PVC, PP, PS, PE and etc.

  • HTPF 2

    Thermal Transfer Printing Applications

    The thermal transfer printing is suitable for transfer printing on iron pipe and sheet, aluminum pipe and sheet, k/d metal furniture.

  • HTPF 3

    Heat & Thermal Transfer Labels

    We put the heat & thermo transfer printing film on the article get through the heat transfer printing system then the printing matter would be transferred onto the article. It makes the article with beautiful drawing and creates the product more valuable.